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The 81st Audit Committee Meeting

SERDANG 19 January 2022, UPM - Internal Audit is a body that functions independently and objectively to add value and improve the operational level of an organization (PTJ). The Internal Audit Division of Universiti Putra Malaysia also provides support services and directly reports audit reporting to the University's Board of Directors and Audit Committee.

In continuing the service and delivery of the Internal Audit Division, the first meeting of the Audit Committee (JKA) in 2022 was held on 19 January 2022. It was the 81st meeting held since the establishment of UPM's Internal Audit Division in 1993.

The member of the meeting includes YBhg. Dato' Dr. Hasan Mad as the Chairman, YBrs. Mrs. Norashekin Yusof and YBhg. Dato' Syed Haizam Hishamuddin Putra Jamalullail as a committee member, and YBrs. Puan Hajah Zainora Abdul Talib as Head of Internal Audit and concurrently Secretary of the Audit Committee Meeting.

This Audit Committee is also a committee authorized by the University's Board of Directors to investigate any activities, functions and ensure that preventive and corrective actions are taken by the management (audit) so that related weaknesses can be corrected and not repeated.

The Committee is permitted to collect and obtain the necessary information from any staff member to cooperate with any request of the Audit Committee. In addition, JKA committee has the power to summon University officials to attend and give evidence in its meetings. They also have the power to request the auditee to submit documents related to the matters being reviewed and require feedback.



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