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Quality Day & Innovation Service (HKIP) Year 2017

Serdang, 10 November 2017, Service Quality and Innovation Day Celebration (HKIP) 2017 was held in a lively atmosphere at the Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Culture and Arts Center (PKKSSAAS). The objective of implementing HKIP 2017 is to:

  1. Enhance UPM's awareness of the importance of innovation and creativity in the implementation of work;
  2. To nurture and reinforce the cultural values ​​of innovation and creativity in UPM;
  3. Fully integrate process, approach and buaday based on innovative and creative features in service; and
  4. Contribute to improving the quality of service delivery to customers.

The Internal Audit Division has participated in several HKIP 2017 awards, the Service Innovation Award, the Lean Management Awards, the Workplace Environmental Quality Award, the PTJ Website Management Awards and the Workers Safety and Health Management Awards.

For the Innovation Awards Service, the Internal Audit Division has sent 2 projects consisting of 2 groups namely The Core Group represented by En. Shahrul Azman, En. Mohd Azis and En. Mohd Faiz with their project under the management category namely Fa Mes (Financial Management Self Assessment) and Group 3 Dees represented by Pn. Marziati, Ms Nor Anidah and Pn. Noraini under technical category with Melaboks project.

In addition, the Internal Audit Division participated in the Lean Management Award which was participated by The Avec Group represented by Y.M. Tg. Zahiera, En. Shahrul Azman, En. Mohd Azis, Pn. Nur Miera and Mr. Nur Asyikin with Asset Verification Project.

Overall, the Internal Audit Division is proud and grateful for winning first place in the category of Service Innovation Award (Management) by The Core Group and ranked 3rd in the Lean Management Award by The Avec Group.

Accepted victories provide motivation and inspiration to participate in the future.

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