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Important Of Science Data In Auditing

Serdang 22 October 2020 : Data Analytics is a program or field related to data science management that refers to the discovery of information from the amount of data known as Big Data, Internet of Things and Simulation Modeling.

To ensure the sustainability and continuity of technology and auditing in the IR4.0 era, UPM Internal Audit Division took the initiative to learn and further improve the use of Analytics Tools among the staff of the Audit Division in UPM to further strengthen the audit process.

Knowledge sharing related to data analysis is carried out virtually by Mr. Mohd Azis Abdullah, Internal Audit Financial Officer by using ACL Analytics as a tool that has been an audit requirement since 2011 before preparing the MRA (Audit planning).

By using a practical approach, all participants can learn useful and quick analysis methods in making an analysis report. This partnership will also be continued to the next level to ensure that every employee in UPM Internal Audit gets the best knowledge and skills in data analysis.


Date of Input: 16/11/2020 | Updated: 25/11/2020 | faiz_suparman


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