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Implementation of Online Meetings

By : Pn. Nurul Ezani Abdul Malek 


Serdang, March 27, 2020- The infamous Covid-19 outbreak caused us to continue to obey the Movement Control Command (CPP) and to stop economic activity for a while.

However, the presence of Covid-19 does not mean that we compromise productivity without doing any homework. Many public sectors, tertiary institutions, schools and companies have undertaken domestic work especially during the quarantine. Working from home to productive and creative can be a new era and paradigm today.



The Internal Audit Division also took the initiative to do housework. On March 27, 2020, the Internal Audit Division convened a Division and Auditor / Assistant Auditors Division. The Zoom application has been used as a mediation medium for the meeting.


The chairman of the council, Mrs. Zainora, expressed her gratitude for the commitment of the meeting's members to make this a virtual meeting. The meeting begins with the Internal Audit Division Meeting followed by the Auditor / Assistant Auditor Meeting. The chairman also reminded all members of the meeting to abide by the current rules of the CPP. The meeting starts at 3.00 pm and ends at 5.00 pm. This is the first experience of the Internal Audit staff holding such meetings and it is a valuable experience for all.




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