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A Procurement Management Seminar 2020

By: Nurrul Syakira Bakhtiar

Serdang, 28 January 2020 – A Procurement Management Seminar 2020 was held on January 28, 2020 at the Universiti Putra Malaysia Teaching Hospital (HPUPM) Auditorium. The seminar organized by the UPM Bursar Office aims to provide exposure on procurement management in accordance with applicable regulations. The completion of this seminar was designed to cover issues related to procurement governance and was organized specifically for Management and Professional Officers as well as UPM Academic Officers.

The seminar, which began on Tuesday, began with the registration of participants comprising representatives from all the Responsibility Centers and continued with a welcome speech from Y.Bhg. Dato 'Zulkiflee Bin Othman as Bursar in Bursar's office. The program was followed by a presentation by representatives from the Ministry of Finance of Malaysia, Mr Taufik Mohamed Mustafa and Ms Fara Binti Anwary who provided exposure on principles, policies and methods of procurement and procurement for statutory bodies. The program was continued in the afternoon session by the Head of Internal Audit who shared the results of the procurement audit conducted at several PTJs. Before the program ended, Head of Procurement Finance Division, Mrs Norlian Ismail from the Bursar office also took the opportunity to present the management of procurement contract administration.

The Procurement Seminar has successfully provided information on procurement principles, policies and procedures as well as management of procurement contract management by the Responsibility Center at UPM. Seminar participants were also exposed to findings of non-conformity by internal audit of the university and to avoid the same recurrence. It is hoped that such a program will provide ongoing training to all university staff and staff regarding procurement matters at PTJ level.

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