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Towards a Public Sector Conducive Ecosystem

SERDANG, Thursday, January 16, 2020, the Center of Quality Assurance has launched the Training of Trainers (TOT) program for Public Sector Conductive Ecosystem (EKSA), Universiti Putra Malaysia located at Putra Learning Space, Level 2, Vice Chancellor's Office Building (Research and Innovation). The purpose of the program was to prepare for the complete transition from 5S Quality Environment Practices to EKSA implementation by 2021,


The program is attended by 21 people comprising the Facilitator or Coordinator of 5S of the PTJ.


The program was run by an expert (Champion EKSA) from the School Management Division, Ministry of Education Malaysia, Pn. Mazzleza Ab Wahab.


EKSA is one of the MAMPU's small projects that was developed and implemented in the public sector around 2013. Among its objectives are to enhance work efficiency and productivity, stimulate creativity and innovation activities, enhance corporate image and create a culture of green practice in the workplace.

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